The district started an ATV (three-wheel) class in 1983 with "T" plates, then made it a Quad class in 1990. The District also had a Vet Quad class from 1991 through 1999, and a Women Quad class from 1990 to 1992. Quad riders are frequently listed in results with a 1T, 2T... plate numbering scheme. At this website, however, that plate numbering scheme is reserved for the old Trail Bike class. If you can correct or enhance this history, get in touch... thanks!

2022 Johnny Moreno Ryan Wilson Richard Cox Jr. Brian Dunstan Anthony Rickett Dawn Clausman William Clausman Sean Shedlarski Cassi Smith 2022
2021 Johnny Moreno Ryan Wilson Richard Cox Jr. Brian Dunstan Sean Shedlarski Bill Markel Nicholas Sosa Kai Gong 2021
2020 Bill Markel Jay Young Ryan Wilson Brian Dunstan Scott Yarber Eric Pealstrom Troy Minnick Kai Gong 2020
2019 Mark May Richard Cox Jr. Jay Young Ryan Wilson Tyler Wesolowski Armando Chavez Brian Dunstan Paul May Troy Minnick Eric Pealstrom Bill Markel 2019
2018 Jay Young Ryan Wilson Richard Cox Jr. Eric Pealstrom Dion Delgatto Tyler Wesolowski Rachel Bosemer Mike Noland Mark May Robbie Cockrell Troy Minnick Brian Dunstan Shaun Riley Lisa Jimenez Gordon Nelson 2018
2017 Steve Makar Jay Young Cole Baldwin Ryan Wilson Mike Noland Colt Brinkerhoff Richard Cox Jr. Rachel Bosemer Christopher Peatross Rick Bosemer Chris Dobbins Mark May Stirling Hopson Gordon Nelson Aaron Hopson Lisa Jimenez Andrea Henderson Paul Pecoraro Eric Toohey Mark Ogaz 2017
2016 Steve Makar Ryan Wilson Jay Young Cole Baldwin Brock Pennington Mark May Chris Dobbins Rick Bosemer Armando Chavez Rachel Bosemer Paul Pecoraro Christopher Peatross Russell Blake Jr Andrea Henderson Lisa Jimenez Peggy Ogaz Stirling Hopson Gary Gillespie Mark Ogaz Eric Gilbert 2016
2015 Ryan Wilson John Mckeehan Jay Young Andrea Henderson Christopher Peatross Cole Baldwin Rachel Bosemer Chris Dobbins Rick Bosemer Mark May Peggy Ogaz Armando Chavez Jonathan Madden Stirling Hopson Aaron Hopson Jim Evans Keith Carlson Brock Pennington Robin Schmidt David Shipcott 2015
2014 Ryan Wilson Bill Markel John Mckeehan Jay Young Jonathan Madden Jim Evans Rick Bosemer Rachel Bosemer Mark Ornellas Christopher Peatross Stirling Hopson Scott Schmidt Mark May Peggy Ogaz Chris Dobbins Aaron Hopson Cole Baldwin Andrea Henderson Steve Makar Michael Stallings 2014
2013 Bill Markel Andrea Bosemer Ryan Wilson Gilbert Davila Rachel Bosemer Shaun Riley John McKeehan Rick Bosemer Mark Ogaz Jim Evans Peggy Ogaz Mark Ornellas Chris Dobbins Andy Lagzdins Stirling Hopson 2013
2012 Bill Markel Robert Rubin Mark Ogaz Gilbert Davila Patty Blais Brian Bond Ryan Wilson Peggy Ogaz Shaun Riley Dennis Rommelfanger Aaron Hopson Kyle Penner Stirling Hopson Scott Schmidt Jim Evans 2012
2011 Robert Rubin Shawn Bigney Ryan Wilson Andrea Bosemer Aaron Hopson Stirling Hopson Rachel Bosemer Vince Gongora Patty Blais Rick Bosemer Peggy Ogaz Shaun Riley Lee Ramont Mark Ogaz Dennis Rommelfanger 2011
2010 Ryan Wilson Todd Johnson Scott Schmidt Vince Gongora Lee Ramont Mark Ogaz Robin Fawcett Stirling Hopson Patty Blais Eric Pealstrom Andrea Bosemer Robert Rubin Aaron Hopson Peggy Ogaz Rick Bosemer 2010
2009 Charles Lamson Doug Stofferahn Ryan Wilson Scott Schmidt Rick Coats Vince Gongora Robin Fawcett Adam Campbell Todd Johnson Rob Wade Lee Ramont Aaron Hopson Thom Wolfsen Robert Rubin Patty Blais 2009
2008 Charles Lamson Doug Stofferahn Lee Ramont Vince Gongora Robert Rubin Eric Pealstrom Byron Deroos Rick Coats Robin Fawcett Adam Campbell Mike Lujan James Henry McKenzie Ray Rob Wade Ryan Wilson 2008
2007 Charles Lamson Lee Ramont Robert Rubin Vince Gongora McKenzie Ray Patty Blais Phil Dampier Ryan Wilson Doug Stofferahn Craig Baker Christopher Williams Rob Wade Andrea Bosemer Todd Johnson Eric Pealstrom 2007
2006 Charles Lamson Jennifer Epling Todd Johnson McKenzie Ray Vince Gongora Eric Pealstrom Phil Dampier Rob Wade Robert Rubin Patty Moore Aaron Wolfe Jann Banales Robert Wigley Troy Minnick 2006
2005 Charles Lamson Jennifer Epling J. C. Ray Todd Johnson Phil Dampier Eric Pealstrom Patty Moore Aaron Wolfe Mike Ferrin Jann Banales 2005
2004 Charlie Lamson Lee Ramont Jennifer Epling Phil Dampier Patty Moore Shaun Kuriyama Jann Banales Todd Johnson Martin Gamboa Troy Minnick 2004
2003 Charlie Lamson Jennifer Epling Lee Ramont Jann Banales Rick Bosemer Martin Gamboa Andrea Bosemer Danny Elson 2003
2002 Charlie Lamson Jennifer Epling Jann Banales Lyndol James Martin Gamboa Jackie Morin Michael Phillips Jason Morin 2002
2001 Lyndol James Charlie Lamson Jennifer Epling Ted Brobick 2001
2000 Charlie Lamson J. C. Ray Dwight Lowell Dan Harris Lyndol James Jennifer Haag Scott Melville Tom Mather Neil Donegan Eric Holdaway 2000
1999 Dwight Lowell Dan Harris Mike Lewis Neil Donegan Jennifer Haag Jennifer Epling 1999
1998 Dwight Lowell Gary Jackmowicz Tim Gillespie Danny Harris 1998
1997 Dwight Lowell Gary Jackimowicz Mike Lewis Ken Koch Tim Gillespie Danny Harris - - - - 1997
1996 Dwight Lowell Mike Lewis Eric Barnes Gary Jackimowicz - - - - - 1996
1995 Dwight Lowell Ken Wood Curtis Hoskins Larry Fencl Jr Jackie Morin Lucien Paternaude Eric Barnes 1995
1994 Dwight Lowell Lucien Paternaude Mike McGree Ken Wood Gary Welfl Jackie Morin Curtis Haskins Sean Ireland Jay Bagge James Jackson 1994
1993 Jackie Morin Dwight Lowell Denny Davidow Lucien Paternaude Bill Pridemore Jason Morin Mike McGee Simon Martinez William Buhs Bernie Carr 1993
1992 Jackie Morin Charles Lamson Dwight Lowell Bill Pridemore Mike Hoetker Mike McGee Lucien Patenaud Mike Bienert Bernie Carr Jason Morin 1992
1991 Jackie Morin Charlie Lamson Michael Hoefker Mike McGee Bill Pridemore -- -- -- -- -- 1991
1990 Danny Ent Charlie Lamson Dana Nordin Michael Hoetker Bill Pridemore Jack Morin Glenn Butcher James Covey Jackie Morin Mike McGee 1990
1989 Denny Wolff Charlie Lamson 1989
1988 Charlie Lamson 1988
1987 Charlie Lamson Fred Wing Bill Pridemore Randy Ressell Denny Wolff Bitch Beatty Tim Wingfield Jim Johansen Douglas Webb Dave Wilton 1987
1986 Rich Alexander Charlie Lamson Bill Pridemore Joe Siam Fred Wing J. Johansen G. Hall J. Riffin Jack Trotter G. Miles 1986
1985 1985
1984 1984