Recent Updates:
1/30/14 1978 Results: Lost Coyotes, OCMC, Simi Valley MC and Hilltoppers
1/30/14 1977 Results: Vikings, Desert Rats, Brush Busters and Dirt Diggers
1/30/14 1976 Results: San Bernardino, Sled Riders, Four Aces, Brush Busters, Desert Donkeys and Hilltoppers
1/30/14 1975 Results: Brush Busters, Prospectors, Stump Jumpers, Viewfinders, Checkpoint, Desert Barons and District 37
1/30/14 1973 Results: Checkers, Hilltoppers and SGVMC; 1974 San Bernardino, Simi Valley, Dirt Diggers, 100's and Buzzards
1/30/14 1974 Vikings and Spokebenders; 1975 Spokebenders, OCMC, Desert Foxes and So Cal; 1976 Dirt Diggers
12/20/13 1983 Senior Lightweight Desert plates
12/20/13 1960 Big Bear Run
12/20/13 1973 Results: 100's HS, Stump Jumpers HS, Desert Foxes HS, Rams H&H

a hush sweeps across the line -- your heart stops
and time freezes, but the seconds melt away...