Recent Updates:
4/22/15 1959 Results: Royal Riders HS
4/22/15 1960 Results: Dyna Mites H&H, Norwalk Tandems, Trailblazers HS
4/22/15 1961 Results: Prospectors HS
4/22/15 1963 Results: Pasadena HS
4/22/15 1966 Results: Barstow MC
10/21/14 Alumni: Bill Biscoe, Ed Lynn, Joanna Needham, Mike Cantrall, Larkin Wight, Jim Nauman, Ron Williams, Dennis DeCamp, Rusty Blake, John Greenewald, Scott Anderson, Aaron Sunday

a hush sweeps across the line -- your heart stops
and time freezes, but the seconds melt away...