Recent Updates:
12/10/15 1963 Results: So Cal H&H
12/10/15 1971 Results: Invaders H&H, 100's HS, OCMC HS
12/8/15 Many new Alumni 6/11/15 Video Playlist added
5/8/15 1959 Results: Shamrocks H&H
5/8/15 1963 Results: Sidehack Assn HS, Dyna Mites HS, Dusters HS, Jackrabbits HS, Lost Angels HS, Dirt Diggers HS
5/8/15 1962 Results: Checkers H&H, Sidehack Assn HS
5/8/15 1964 Results: Spokebenders HS, Dusters HS
5/8/15 1965 Results: Checkers H&H, So Cal H&H
5/8/15 1961 Results: Lost Angels H&H, Shamrocks H&H, Antelope Ramblers, Dirt Diggers HS
5/8/15 1969 Results: So Cal HS
5/8/15 1968 Results: So Cal HS, Antelope Ramblers H&H
5/8/15 1964 Results: Sidehack Assn HS, Spokebenders HS, San Gabriel Valley H&H

a hush sweeps across the line -- your heart stops
and time freezes, but the seconds melt away...