The District started the Trail bike class (1T) in 1966, then, in the 80s, "replaced" it with a Mini class (1L), and started a Quad class with "T" plates (T1). It looks like 1981 may have been the last year for the Trail Bike class. In 1982 Bobby Charters rode with the "1T" plate, but was listed in the "125" class. Quad riders are frequently listed in race results with the old 1T, 2T... plate numbering scheme. At this website, however, that plate numbering scheme is reserved for the old Trail Bike class. If you can correct or enhance this history, get in touch... thanks!

1983 1983
1982 Bobby Charters Pete Andelman 1982
1981 Bill Mattox Pete Andelman Bobby Charters Duane Summers Mike French Chris McDonald 1981
1980 Cliff Thomas Pete Andelman Bill Mattox J Robbins Bobby Charters Duane Summer 1980
1979 Kevin Hopkins Joe Lockhart Pete Andelman Kenny Dodd Cliff Thomas Oren Beck III Tim Sinclair Jeff Robbins Dennis Marchand John Stoffel 1979
1978 Charlie Hamill Steve Webb Jeff Robbins Pete Andelman Karl Miller Paul Krause Rusty Blake Torsten Corum Ray Guilbeau Kevin Hopkins Joe Lockhart Oren Beck 1978
1977 Charlie Hamill Pete Andelman Steve Webb Mikey Vorndran Rusty Blake Jeff Robbins 1977
1976 Mark Cartwright Charlie Hamill Rob Meyers Tom Rutten Darren Kelsey Gary Willens Pete Andelman Chris Weber Doug Martin Dean Hart 1976
1975 Larry Roeseler Bruce Ogilvie Bob Rutten Charlie Hamill Terry Raye Doug Martin Sandy Robertson Darren Kelsey Dennis Scammel Jamie Haas 1975
1974 Larry Roeseler Mike Cartledge Bruce Ogilvie Bob Rutten Cordis Brooks Roger Reed Dennis Scammel Gary Conner Chris Weber Earl Roeseler 1974
1973 Cordis Brooks Larry Roeseler Bruce Ogilvie Craig Forney Mike Cartledge Wayne Cook Mitch Mayes Terry Harris Gary Charters Ward Wessels 1973
1972 Terry Clark Mitch Mayes Jim Sumners Larry Roeseler Cordis Brooks Randy Milligan Don Ogilvie M. Laney Mitch Hayes Bruce Ogilvie 1972
1971 Jack Morgan Terry Clark Mitch Mayes Cordis Brooks Jim Sumners Jeff Wright Allen Lund Jack Froelich Richard Mark Tom Brooks, Jr. 1971
1970 Jack Morgan Terry Clark Wes Anderson Jr Jeff Wright Mark Rader Alan Peppel Ken Buckspan Jim Sumners Steve Fortner Ian Drake 1970
1969 Jack Morgan Wes Anderson Jr Terry Clark 1969
1968 Jack Morgan Jack Froelich Frank Morgan 1968
1967 Jack Morgan Earle Roeseler Frank Morgan Harold Walden Jan Ditson David Williams Carl Steven Stephen Hedgcoth Ron Matheny Norman Benham 1967
1966 Earle Roeseler D Dailey Carl Steven Bobby Steffan J.N. Roberts Jan Ditson 1966