The District offered a Quad Class for Veterans from 1991 through 1999
with the same style of plate as the Veteran Trail-Bike class of the 70s...?

1999 Charlie Lamson Lyndol James Scott Melville Javier Romero Carlos Sanchez 1999
1998 Charlie Lamson Lyndol James Ellis Robertson Chris Parro Carlos Sanchez 1998
1997 Charlie Lamson Ellis Robertson Lyndol James Albert Sallie Jack Graef 1997
1996 Charlie Lamson Jack Graef Bob Pennington - - - - - - - 1996
1995 Charlie Lamson Guy Koett Ken Koch Roy Moore J. C. Ray Bill Pridemore Jr Albert Sallie Simon Martinez 1995
1994 Charlie Lamson J. C. Ray Albert Sallie Jack Overholt Stephen Lowell Jack Graef Mike Bienert Bill Pridemore Jr Rory Moore Ellis Robertson 1994
1993 Charles Lamson Guy Corrigan Albert Sallie Scott Drouin Bill Pridemore William Stickley Jack Overholt Bob Green Mike Bienert Steve Lowell 1993
1992 Jim Covey Bill Pridemore Dana Nordin Guy Corrigan William Stickley Albert Sallie Steve Lowell Robert Lopez James Zwiers John Manriquez 1992
1991 Denny Wolfe Dana Nordin James Covey Jack Morin Bill Pridemore -- -- -- -- -- 1991