As early as 1976, the district had a Senior division. In the late 70s they added the Veteran class with "V" plates for riders 30-39, which made the Senior division a 40+ class with "0" plates. In the early 80s, the district created a Super Senior division for 50+ riders with "M" plates. In 1993, 50-59 riders became the Magnum class with "M" plates, and Super Seniors became 60+ riders with "R" plates. If you can correct or enhance this history, get in touch... thanks!

2013 Frank Brewer Ron Kenyon Greg Seda Steve Freeman T.V. Holmes Wes Anderson Jr. David Hunt Jack Morin Ernie Mnoian Don Huddleston Hugo Zwetsloot Jay Wickers Butch Nelson Terry Wyatt Terry Davis 2013
2012 Frank Brewer Ron Kenyon Steve Freeman Jack Morin T.V. Holmes Lee Olson Jay Wickers Bill Warren Jim Artz Dan Combs Ernie Mnoian Don Huddleston Robert Torgerson Terry Wyatt David Hunt 2012
2011 Frank Brewer John Roberts Ron Kenyon Steve Freeman T.V. Holmes Robert Torgerson Lee Olson Jack Morin David Hunt Hilliard Moore Jay Wickers Don Huddleston Terry Wyatt Don Christie Bill Warren 2011
2010 Gary Garland Don Doerksen Ron Kenyon Greg Seda Jay Wickers Lee Olson Bill Warren Richard Christensen Steve Freeman Robert Torgerson John Roberts Jack Morin Don Christie Art More Bill Richardson 2010
2009 Don Doerksen Ron Kenyon Steve Freeman Bill Warren Lee Olson Greg Seda Jay Wickers Richard Christensen Al Guzman Steve Rinker Robert Torgerson Tom Gruenberg Ernie Mnoian Don Christie Roy Watson 2009
2008 Ron Kenyon Steve Rinker Bill Warren Lee Olson Robert Torgerson Jay Wickers Don Voyer Jim Lang George Scott Richard Christensen Steve Freeman Bill Richardson Don Christie Al Guzman Art More 2008
2007 Steve Thompson Don Voyer Jack Morin Alfred Guzman Steve Rinker Ruben Garcia Bill Warren Lee Olson Richard Christensen Aaron Austin Jay Wickers Robert Torgerson Bob Boyd Roy Watson Bill Richardson 2007
2006 Don Voyer Al Guzman Robert Torgerson Bill Warren Steve Rinker Lee Olson Norm Gaiger Ned McNabb Richard Christensen Willie Eveland Jay Wickers Art More Aaron Austin Bill Richardson Peter Bormanis 2006
2005 Al Guzman Don Voyer Robert Torgerson Steve Rinker Larry Mason Bill Warren Ned McNabb Willie Eveland Richard Christensen Bill Richardson 2005
2004 Al Guzman Art More Don Voyer Norm Gaiger Bob Torgenson Willie Eveland Lee Olson Bill Richardson Jim Lang Tom Edmonds 2004
2003 Al Guzman Don Voyer Bob Torgenson Dick Postma Willie Eveland Jan Lehotan Joe Anastasio Art More Ken Newton Bill Richardson 2003
2002 Ray Bandfield Al Guzman Don Voyer Willie Eveland Joe Anastasio Roy Watson Dick Postma Ed Farrell Jan Lehotan Ken Newton 2002
2001 Al Guzman Don Voyer Joe Anastasio Willie Eveland Jack Shook Jan Lehotan Roy Watson Ed Farrell Ken Newton 2001
2000 Ray Bandfield Al Guzman Willie Eveland Joe Anastasio Don Voyer Ed Heyne Scott Walker Jr Ed Farrell Ed Butler Norm Stuart 2000
1999 Ray Bandfield Smokebomb Gaetz Willie Eveland Joe Anastasio Bob Burch Roger Gowin Ken Newton Ed Farrell Edward Butler Norm Stuart 1999
1998 Ray Banfield John "Smokebomb" Gaetz Willie Eveland Bob Burch Joe Anastasio Eugene Jasperson John Logan Ed Farrell Norm Stuart Gus Paull 1998
1997 Gus Paull Willie Eveland Joe Anastasio Ed Farrell Norm Stuart Eugene Jasperson Irvin Sinclair Paul Russell Jr Paul Beckett John "Smokebomb" Gaetz 1997
1996 Gus Paull Willie Eveland Irvin Sinclair Joe Anastasio Norm Stuart 1996
1995 Gus Paull Willie Eveland Irvin Sinclair Norm Stuart Ed Farrell Jim Wilson 1995
1994 Gus Paull Irvin Sinclair Willie Eveland Ed Farrell Norm Stuart -- -- -- -- -- 1994
The first year desert racers rode with "R" plates was 1994...