For many years, District 37 awarded a trophy to the rider who earned the most points based on overall finishes of long desert races. Beginning in 2009, the riders finishing in the top 20 points for this award were given the option of riding with their earned overall number instead of their class number. These plates are blue with white lettering.

2014 Nick Burson Jacob Argubright Cordis Brooks Jr Dan Capparelli Ben Meza Paul Krause Ryan Smith Nic Garvin Morgan Crawford Chris Morrow Michael Allen Ryan Kudla Evan Kelly Steven Kirk III Brendan Crow Austin Keys Blake Guyse Brett Hoffman Robert Longenecker Trevor Hoffman 2014
2013 Ryan Smith Nick Burson Ryan Kudla Max Eddy Jr Justin Morrow Jacob Argubright Cordis Brooks Paul Shafer Steven Kirk III Morgan Crawford Paul Krause Dan Capparelli Colton Jones Michael Allen Kevin Dejongh Trevor Hoffman Gary LaCharite Mike Whitcomb Steve Roberts Kevin Murphy 2013
2012 Jacob Argubright Kendall Norman Brad Pace Robert Longenecker Ryan Kudla Justin Morrow Nicholas Burson Chris Morrow Quinn Cody Ryan Smith Paul Shafer Kevin DeJongh Nick Hamill Anthony Vasquez Steve Roberts Cordis D. Brooks Zach Dodson Travis Livingston Erek Kudla Paul Krause 2012
2011 2011
2010 Nicholas Burson Ryan Kudla Jacob Argubright Justin Imhof Kendall Norman Brett Saunders Paul Shafer Jordan Brandt Andrew Vandenberg Paul Krause Bob Roberts Erek Kudla Zack Dodson Robert Longenecker Nicholas Blais Mike Baskin Steve Roberts Kevin DeJongh Trevor Watson Brian Sweany 2010
2009 Nicholas Burson Ryan Kudla Paul Krause Justin Imhof Jacob Argubright Brad Pace Erek Kudla Ricky Brabec Brett Saunders Anthony Modica Brian Sweany Bob Roberts Andrew Vandenberg Nicholas Blais Chance Wyllie Luke Dodson Paul Shafer Trevor Watson Travis Livingston Zach Dodson 2009
2008 2008
2007 2007
2006 2006
2005 2005