In 2009 a new class was created for riders age 70 and older. They were named "Legends" and given the "L" plate. Mini riders previously used "L" plates, but were switched to "K" in 2009.

2022 Richard Jackson Steve Holladay Ronald Hetherington Jean Hetherington Richard Dennison Ernie Mnoian Paul Ashford Daniel Dowding Mike Boal Gary Rickaby Bill Richardson Jay Wickers Bill Maxim Lee Olson Jim Hruby Gregory Seda Tom Edmonds Edwin Thomas Arthur More William Bateman 2022
2021 Steve Holladay Ernie Mnoian Richard Dennison Ronald Hetherington Richard Jackson Jean Hetherington Steve Freeman Jay Wickers Paul Ashford Edwin Thomas Gregory Seda Bill Maxim Rod Wheeler William Scales Arthur More John Roberts Jim Hruby Art Whitney Lee Olson Steve Fenn 2021
2020 Steve Holladay Richard Dennison Ronald Hetherington William Scales Jean Hetherington Ernie Mnoian Rod Wheeler Gregory Seda Jay Wickers Steve Freeman Lee Olson Paul Ashford Larry Hall Ruben Garcia George Purser Tod Edmonds Jeanette Lang Jim Hruby Joe Trujillo Mike Harper 2020
2019 Gregory Seda William Seda Ronald Hetherington Ernie Mnoian Jean Hetherington Jay Wickers Lee Olson Edwin Thomas Steve Freeman Bill Maxim Richard Jackson Ruben Garcia Larry Hall George Purser Joe Trujillo Tom Edmonds Sandy Howell Bill Howell Jeanette Lang Jim Lang 2019
2018 Ronald Kenyon William Scales Lee Olson Ronald Hetherington Jack Morin Jean Hetherington Jay Wickers Bill Maxim Ernie Mnoian Ruben Garcia Peter Bormanis Gregory Seda Joe Trujillo Arthur More Bill Warren Tom Edmonds Sandy Howell Bill Howell Jeanette Lang Edwin Thomas 2018
2017 Don Voyer William Scales Jean Hetherington Ronald Hetherington Lee Olson Ronald Kenyon Victor Romero Jack Morin Peter Bormanis Darryl Deinhard Dennis Tooman Ruben Garcia Lester Stiffler Jim Lang Lyle Taylor Bill Warren Joe Trujillo Tom Edmonds Sandy Howell 2017
2016 Don Voyer Ronald Hetherington Jean Hetherington Lee Olson Peter Bormanis Victor Romero Art Whitney Mike Harper Lester Stiffler Bill Warren Robert Torgerson Tom Edmonds Don Christie Ned Mcnabb Sandy Howell Lyle Taylor Jim Lang George Scott Sr. 2016
2015 Don Voyer Ronald Hetherington Lee Olson Victor Romero Peter Bormanis Robert Torgerson Art Whitney Bill Staley David Hunt Bill Warren Don Christie Sam Dempsey Don Burke Ron Dugan Lyle Taylor Jim Lang George Scott Sr. Tom Edmonds 2015
2014 Don Voyer Ronald Hetherington Lee Olson David Hunt Peter Bormanis Robert Torgerson Ron Dugan Bill Staley Bill Warren Victor Romero Roy Watson Art Whitney Tom Edmonds Lyle Taylor Don Christie Bill Richardson Jim Lang 2014
2013 Don Voyer Ron Hetherington Robert Torgerson Roy Watson Lee Olson Peter Bormanis Art More Bill Staley Don Christie Ron Dugan Tom Edmonds Don Burke Jan Lehotan 2013
2012 Don Voyer Ron Hetherington Art More Peter Bormanis Roy Watson Don Christie Bill Staley Don Burke Tom Edmonds Harold Halgath Ken Newton Tom Harrell Jan Lehotan 2012
2011 Don Voyer Peter Bormanis Bill Staley Roy Watson Al Guzman Art More Tom Edmonds Jerry Harpole James Wilson Jack Shook Jan Lehotan Ron Hetherington Ken Newton 2011
2010 Roy Watson Don Voyer Al Guzman Tom Edmonds Bill Staley Peter Bormanis Willie Eveland Chuck Koistra Ken Newton Jack Shook James Wilson George Scott Jerry Harpole 2010