In 2009 a new class was created for riders age 70 and older. They were named "Legends" and given the "L" plate. Mini riders previously used "L" plates, but were switched to "K" in 2009.

2013 Don Voyer Ron Hetherington Robert Torgerson Roy Watson Lee Olson Peter Bormanis Art More Bill Staley Don Christie Ron Dugan Tom Edmonds Don Burke Jan Lehotan 2013
2012 Don Voyer Ron Hetherington Art More Peter Bormanis Roy Watson Don Christie Bill Staley Don Burke Tom Edmonds Harold Halgath Ken Newton Tom Harrell Jan Lehotan 2012
2011 Don Voyer Peter Bormanis Bill Staley Roy Watson Al Guzman Art More Tom Edmonds Jerry Harpole James Wilson Jack Shook Jan Lehotan Ron Hetherington Ken Newton 2011
2010 Roy Watson Don Voyer Al Guzman Tom Edmonds Bill Staley Peter Bormanis Willie Eveland Chuck Koistra Ken Newton Jack Shook James Wilson George Scott Jerry Harpole 2010