In the late 60’s a group of riders from LA...

...rode with big Red Dots on their jerseys, so the mothers and wives could identify their loved ones as they entered the pits during desert events. The group later officially became the Red Dots MC within Dist 37, driven by core La Blanc family members. The Red Dots were also mostly made up of “side hack” enthusiasts and supported the number one plate team of Jim La Blanc and John Burns. The Red Dots chose mostly to compete on lightweight two-stroke powered motorcycles in what was predominately a large 4-stroke world. The Red Dots became known for their very popular “Mothers Day Desert Scrambles” event. The club competed in all forms of MC competition around the South West including AMA pro racing at Ascot. One of the favorite events to attend was the Ensenada Gran Prix… after spending a week in Rosarita Beach (K54). Here is an old club roster from about 1967/1968 maybe ‘69 time frame.. It is an incomplete list but a few names are better than none.. Someone may like to reminisce or add to the names..

Mike Burns
Henry Burns
John Burns
George Gratz
Steve Gratz
Bill Gomen
Frank Gomen
Jim La Blanc
John La Blanc
Marvin (Marv) La Blanc
Ken ..ter (water stain over name)
Norm Meter
Cecil Meadors Jr.
James Nausha
Jerry Nausha
Robert Padilla
Lee Seely
Peter Slavik
Paul Slavik
Julio Suarez
Bob Vacca
Bob Yacenda
Freddie Soteros
Roger Sturgess
Jerry Wagner