In the early 80s, the district created a Super Senior division for 50+ riders with "M" plates. In 1993, 50-59 riders became the Magnum class with "M" plates, and Super Seniors became 60+ riders with "SS" plates. If you can correct or enhance this history, get in touch... thanks!

2013 Ricardo Barbosa Mike Whitcomb Mike Peterson Steve Williams Craig Prentice Jeff Petron Paul Thoegersen Randy Liebig Mike Korgan Rick Samuelson 2013
2012 Steve Williams Don Lyon Mike Whitcomb Dave Byrd Craig Prentice Mike Peterson Kevin Galvin Randy Liebig Tim Staubs Dave Wasden 2012
2011 Kip Wood Don Lyon Dave Wasden Doug Clagg Randy Liebig Kevin Galvin Mike Peterson Tom Materna Craig Prentice Jim Townsend 2011
2010 Don Lyon John Pujol Randy Liebig Tom Materna Keith DeJongh Mike Peterson Caveman Bauman Jim Townsend Rick Samuelson Don Nielsen 2010
2009 Randy Liebig Don Lyon Jim Townsend John Pujol Keith DeJongh Tom Materna Caveman Bauman Tom Marshall Phil Cloward Mike Peterson 2009
2008 Don Lyon Phil Cloward Randy Liebig Mike Peterson Jim Townsend Caveman Bauman Mike Castro George Varnar Steve Anderson Guy Cox 2008
2007 Randy Liebig Buddy Bosh Mike Peterson Caveman Bauman Mike Castro Jim Townsend Gary Beck Steve Anderson Tom Materna George Varner 2007
2006 Buddy Bosh Jim Sandefer Caveman Bauman Randy Liebig Mike Peterson Jerry Bailey Tom Marshall Gary Beck Skip Earwood David Johnson 2006
2005 Jim Sandefer T.V. Holmes Randy Liebig Caveman Bauman Jerry Bailey Mike Peterson Ernie Mnoian Don Doerksen Buddy Bosh Frank Ahlviers 2005
2004 T.V. Holmes Randy Liebig Jerry Bailey Buddy Bosh Ernie Mnoian Skip Earwood Tim Stoner 1st B Steve Rauen Mike Peterson Terry Caldwell 1st C 2004
2003 T. V. Holmes Dick Cressy Buddy Bosh Jerry Bailey Dick Christensen Skip Earwood Michael Jones Butch Nelson Don Doerksen Phil White 2003
2002 Dick Cressy T.V. Holmes Don Doerksen Jerry Bailey Skip Earwood Dick Christensen Phil White Bill Herold Dale Gehr 2002
2001 Bill Herold Dick Cressy T.V. Holmes Don Doerksen Dick Christensen Ernie Mnoian Dale Gehr 1st B Jim Ingersoll Skip Earwood Bill Richardson 2001
2000 Art More Phil White Richard Fanning Don Doerksen Ernie Mnoian Jerry Bailey Ray Mattson 1st B Jim Ingersoll Richard Christensen Sr. Bill Richardson 2000
1999 Richard Fanning Art More Phil White 1st "B" Don Doerksen Jerry Bailey Bill Richardson Morris Norman Ray Mattson Steve Peters 1999
1998 Morris Norman Jerry Bailey Dennis Minnock Richard Fanning Phil White Art More Terry McDonald Ray Mattson 1st C James Morrison Art Whitney 1998
1997 John Jacobsen Walt Baehr Jerry Bailey Art More Dennis Minnock Ed Butler Bill Richardson top B Ron Miller Richard Fanning top C Ned McNabb 1997
1996 Ron Miller Terry McDonald Bill Rychlik Paul White top B Stan Sweaney top C 1996
1995 Ron Miller Bill Rychlik Terry McDonald Dave Krider Patrick Souza Art Whitney top B Bill Richardson top C 1995
1994 Morris Norman Terry McDonald Jim Ingersoll Art More Bill Fullmer Ron Miller top B -- Edgar Swortfiguer top C -- -- 1994
From 1994 on, "M" riders are 50-59...
1993 Terry McDonald Jim Ingersoll Morris Norman Ed Mazenko Art More Roy Watson Ned Jones Ed Butler Neal Keith Art Whitney 1993
1992 Morris Norman Arthur More Terry McDonald Jim Ingersoll Edward Butler Gus Paull Edward Mazenko Neal Keith Roy Watson - Top B Bill Fullmer 1992
1991 Morris Norman Jerry Harpole Art More Gus Paull Bill Fullmer, Sr. Tom Getzfrid Ed Butler Terry McDonald top B Roy Watson Don Litton 1991
1990 Morris Norman Tom Getzfrid Ron Fry Harry Keast Don Litton Ed Mazenko Bill Fullmer, Sr. Jerry Harploe top B 1990
1989 1989
1988 1988
1987 Ron Fry Thomas Getzfrid Bill Hutton Bill Fulmer Donald Litton Neal Keith Ron Morgenthaler Bill Greene Ed Mazenko David Hutchens