aka Billy Dean [penname]



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RAMS and Desert Knights


Husqvarna and Yamaha

Men's LWI and Vet's LWI


Cycling, writing


Began racing desert with the Rams. Took me a year to make Amateur and another year to get my red plate. My last race, the 1981 Check Chase, was my most memorable. As usual, my wife was at the finish with a warm hug, a wet kiss and a cold beer. I finished 15th overall on a flat tire, but those years will never be finished. I still miss the respect and friendship of people who rode their bikes to the starting line and waited for the banner to drop. Click Ribbon & Lime for my memoir of the 1981 Check Chase. In 2008 I transferred my The Banner is Up website to the District website to make the history of District 37 desert racing availalble to newcomers and old timers alike. Click Bill's Website to download my e-books for free in Docx, Pdf or Kindle formats.