My First Enduro...

I rode the Greenhorn in ’72 or ’73 on a ’71 250 Bultaco. It was overwhelming for my 1st event like this but if I remember we started in Pasadena, crossed under the 15 in the Cajon area and rode forever north across the desert to Red Mtn.

I wasn’t a member of a club at the time so my Dad and Uncle were playing chase crew and manning the gas stops. It was pretty hot and since my old truck had no A/C they “cooled” themselves with liberal amounts of beer and if I remember each of the pit stops became a little sloppier as the day wore on.

I finally made it to Red Mtn with a case of heat exhaustion and spent some time next to the Owl Garage getting rid of breakfast, lunch and everything else. The finish for the day was at Charlie’s Place and my Dad offered to ride the rest of they way. In my state this sounded pretty good since Charlie’s was just up the road and the trails were actually easy. What I didn’t realize was how much beer he and my Uncle had consumed. Anyway 6hrs later he comes into Charlie’s by the headlights of a jeep and needless to say I houred out of my one and only Greenhorn.

Larry Kunkel