The Masterlink Blues

It was in the early 1960's, I was in a race and my chain came off. I got out my little toolkit pliers and went to pop the masterlink clip off so I could try to put the chain back on. You guessed it... the clip went flying and was lost in the sand. I didn't have a spare clip so I figured my day was done. The course was pretty close to Hwy. 395,

so I pushed the bike over to the Hwy, figuring I'd try to thumb a ride back to the pits. I kid you not, within 2-3 minutes my brother and sister in law came down the hwy! They were returning home from a trip to Mammoth. I flagged them down, and my brother in law got out his tool box and we fabricated a clip out of some wire. I carefully rode back to the course, completed the race and got my finishing points.

Neil Fergus