The Leopard Seat...

My dad, Don, was the founding president of the 100's M/C. Most of his friends were 100's members but a few were close family friends. One of them, Oscar Hienz, owned an upholstery shop. He was the goto guy for seat covers etc. Oscar at one time raced a Yankee 500 cc twin -- it was like two Ossa motors welded together! Well, Oscar was a funny guy, a real desert nut. His seat was made out of that Leapard skin looking stuff. Everyone knew Oscar's bike.

At a night team race near Barstow, my dad and Oscar were partners. Somewhere out on the course Oscar's seat fell off during a long whoop section. But Oscar just kept racing, because he didn't want to disappoint my dad by being late. Later on, his seat couldn't be found anywhere. Then the sweep crew found the seat in the morning... that ugly leapard skin seat. It was known by all to take it to the 100's camp, because it belonged to one of them. Out of hundreds of racers, it found it's way home back on Oscars bike. Everybody cracked up!!! Only Oscar could lose his seat and have it find it's home!!

Steve Sillings -- 100s MC