Desert Racing Legends...

J.N. Roberts was a whirling dervish--
Quick to the bomb and first to the finish.
Everyone else in the wake of his dust--
Barstow to Vegas on his Husky or bust!

Smokebomb Gates: a mountain of a man--
if anyone can, big John sure can!
First to the bomb for many a year,
'cause his 360 Yamaha starts in gear!

Late Larry could ride most any old thang,
Rode like the wind on his 'taco Pursang.
Missed the last check at the top of his fame,
but the District will never forget his great name!

The Checkers say they're number one--
fast with class is how it's done.
If in their camp you want to park,
first you must wear their question mark!

Kookie and John were quite a pair--
they both were nuts, but Kookie had hair.
John would steer, and Kookie would bark.
A dog on a rug, a man on a lark.

The Phantom Duck
Ran out of luck
When the FBI hunted him down
Barstow to Vegas--one helluva town!