First Desert Race...

Almost fifty three years old and first race today
What am I trying to prove, that they should put me away ?
The last race I started over thirty years ago
It was motocross, I was young and gung-ho

Three hours to get there, to line up and go
What if Iím late and miss the whole show
Where are the pits, sign-up, and so
Iíve never done this, I just donít know

You prepare all week, but really all your life
To line up with real racers, no finish line in sight
How rocky will it be, how sandy or steep
I barely slept, and of course I canít eat

I hate to admit this, but honest I am
I wanted so damn bad to get a Finisher Pin
If I can complete this one loop race
I know that my world would be a better place

So Iím on the line and waiting my turn,
Sizing up the competition, steeling my nerves
A thousand racers all faster than me
They have done this for ever, it was easy to see

The first line is gone, dust everywhere
Clean your goggles and get prepared
The rider next to me, really just a lad
Gives me a high-five and says I love you Dad

Now it all makes sense, the reason Iím here
The nerves are all gone, my focus is clear
Concentrate, first kick start, and on the bomb go slow
Pace yourself, relax, do what you know

The race is over, and I got my pin
I can hardly wait to do it again,
Only fell three times, not hurt at all
Father and Son, Yes... we had a ball!

Nick Mlagenovich, # M127