Art Knapp...

Art crashed hard while running at or near the front, as usual. His left handlebar snapped off. He came into the pits riding with one hand with his left handlebar attached to the motorcycle only by the clutch cable.

The pit crew found a gigantic screwdriver and a large hammer. They hammered the screwdriver into the left handlebar stump as far as it would go, attached the clutch lever perch to the screwdriver handle, and sent Art out onto Loop 2.

That isn't the only "Art-Knapp-Iron-Man" story. And please remember, Art first rode a motorcycle of any kind at age 37 and 4 years later owned the #1 Heavyweight Expert (there were no age divisions back then) plate in District 37 desert racing.

The guy was absolutely unbelievable. I always got really good starts, then worked my way back. Art would often give me constructive criticism of what he saw me doing wrong off the start line, in the bomb run,or out on the course. I learned a great deal from him. Imagine if you can, the guy was riding his own race and also watching what I was doing so he could help me develop my skills.

-- Ray Waldbaum