Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do...

Yes the time has come for me to turn my helmet in and hand over W1. With the encouragement of my partner Eric, I chose to race one more year so I could go out with 12 #1 District 37 Hare and hound plates. Why not stop last year with 11 #1's? Eric said that was bad luck to end on an odd number, so I did what I had to do. But this year was not easy, I experienced Mechanical problems one after another. One moment I was on the starting line, warming the bike up, next moment the bike seized. Figuring that was it, I backed up my bike to throw in the towel and a moment later, there was a man standing there with a bike and removing my number plate to put on his bike, while his friend went to hold the start and have the Tech people come and tech the new bike. Reluctantly I accepted his generosity and rode. While I raced that day, I thought to myself, Why did this happen? Then in my heart, I began to realize this is what desert racing is about, kindness, consideration and generosity of others. We are like one big Family, something that you cannot just explain nor find in any other competitive sport. At this point, the only emotion that I had was tears of joy, so I raced on with some blurred vision but a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

There are so many people who I feel that I must thank over the years, I just do not know where to go to do that, so I thought I would start here, I am going to say thanks to some very special people who played a major part of my life. Lets take it back to the beginning of racing time:

Here we are, yes I may have forgotten those who helped, basically I have recalled the most important people who have really influence my life, but there is someone who I am going to end this with...

CHECKERS MC => I was the first woman in 52 years who was legally voted into this club. I had to suffer 13 black balls. That's 13 months of driving from Santa Barbara to Glendora to meetings to became a member. For you rumor spreaders, I am NOT leaving this club. Once a Checker, Forever a Checker!!!!!!!! For those of us real checkers, you know what I am talking about. A note to you newcomers: mind your own !@#$ business and as a word of advice, don't spread one more rumor that I have quit, because I have NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll its taken 2 1/2 hours for me to write this. I also want to thank GPR Randy Norman, FMF, Mooseracing Earl Schuler Suspension, FMF, Hollywood Motorsportsm LRS Motozone, Richard Chandler, Rob Giddeon, John Southerland, Rovers MC and of course the LOVE of My life Eric Sedor V2x (I love you forever baby, and thanks for it all!!! You're the Man)

Also, I want to dedicate my racing to my mother. She brought me into this world. She raced motorcross and would have kicked everyones [butt] in desert racing. She had been and supported me all these years and believes in me and my Brother Quinn Cody, and we love her for that.

God Bless everyone, and remember, this game is for Fun. Have a good time, treat your competitors with the upmost respect. I will see you all in the VET 250 Expert class (move over boys)

Anna Jo W1 X12 -- Checkers MC