1952 Rams Hare & Hound

The 1952 Rams Hare & Hound was a 140-mile, three-loop District 37 National Championship race. The heavyweights (500 and up) rode all three loops, and the lightweights (250s and under) rode two loops. The three-loop winner was John McLaughlin riding a 500 AJS. The two-loop winner was Bob Southern on a Moto Guzzi, 23rd overall at the end of the 2nd loop! One rider was overheard at the finish line saying "Those guys with that new swinging fork rear suspension had one heck of an advantage over the rest of us with hard tails. Looks like it's here to stay."

1st Overall => John McLaughlin - 500 AJS

2nd 500 => Del Kuhn- 500 AJS
3rd 500 => Bud Ekins- Matchless
4th 500 => Charles Cripps- AJS
5th 500 => Nick Nicholson- BSA
6th 500 => Al Rogers- AJS
7th 500 => Butsey Mueller- AJS
8th 500 => Vern Robison- Tri

1st 350 => Ray Arnold- Velocette
1st 250 => Bob Southern- Moto Guzzi
1st 200 => Bill Landefeld- Dot
1st 125 => Walt Moore- BSA