So Cal Hill is now in the Kiavah Wilderness area, which includes all of the Scodie Mountains, and up to the side of the roads in Horse, Sage and Cow Heaven Canyons. Overall motorized use is now limited to just going up the main roads of these canyons and from Horse Canyon out to McIvers cabin. You can no longer ride up to or down So Cal Hill, but you can enjoy these pictures of what it looked like from the top and the bottom when you could.

"I don't remember the year I first went down So-Cal Hill. I was the first to go down the hill in MC competition, and I won the race. I was on a 650 Triumph sled. When I first saw the hill from the top, it was the steepest and longest hill I'd ever seen in the desert and it was a booger. At that time, the hill was very steep soft sand. Years later, when I rode down the hill again, it had become hard. My technique of going down the hill was to keep the Triumph running, use low gear, and clutch if the engine was about to quit. I didn't want to go down in neutral 'cause the bike could have gotton away from me. I liked downhills. Cycle News had a picture of me and Bud Ekins and others chasing turkeys after the end of the race."

J. D. Williams