Name Tom Schell Jr
Club Shamrocks MC
Years Raced 1971-1980
Desert Racing Highlights Desert racing with Dad was one of the greatest times of my life.  We got to meet a lot of wonderful people, and still keep in touch with some of them.  It's been 20 years since my last race, and I still feel the excitement.  What a RUSH!
Bike(s) Raced Suzuki TS-185, TM-250, RM-250, Dad's RM-400
Class(es) Raced 250 Novice, Amateur, & Expert, Open Expert (When my 250 was broken, Dad would let me race his bike!)
Lowest D37 Number Held 5x around 1978
Current Residence Phoenix, AZ
Do you still ride motorcycles? No
Comments Thanks for creating this site.  I added it to my "favorites".  Keep up the good work, and have fun out there!  Oh, just one more thing - you missed a few names on your opening page.  Guys like Cordis Brooks, Tom Brooks, and Bob Rutten.  I know you can't mention everyone but those guys were FAST!   (Ed. note: Thanks!  Check the main page now!)

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