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Tom Burroughs


100s MC, Rovers MC


Hodaka 100, Honda Elsinore 125, Husky, Yamaha IT 175, YZ 125

Trail bike class in the early years & 0-250 thereafter.

06c 1984

Prescott, AZ

Bicycling, playing the drums & old cars. Currently have 1956 Chevy Nomad.


I have a 1991 Honda Goldwing with 90,000 miles.

1st senior amt. 0-200 1983 Check Chase; 2nd senior amt. 125 1984 Barstow to Vegas. Being on the starting line of the 1st Barstow to Vegas 1967. 150 total entries!

Had a kidney removed in 1990 so had to give up off road riding. Had a motor scooter at age 12, so will never be able to totally give up riding on 2 wheels.