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Steve Wagner




72'Harley Baja,73'Penton, 74'Honda Elsinore

Trail bike and lightweight

18T 1973

Temple City

Anything at the river,flying airplanes and fishing is the June Lake area. As a member of the Bodie (64)chapter of the Clampers "ECV" going up to the sirrra's for September's dedications and drinking fest.


No I wish I could but I was paralized while racing back in 1976 out in the Red Mountian area, life does go on!

I remember racing Randy Brown of the desert squirrels down Invaders down hill and I got to the bottom first on both wheels. Another time was the first race on my Honda and Rich Smith another Buzzard and I raced back and forth the whole 75 miles and I took first 125 expert and he finished first 125 amateur right behind me, way to much fun.

For all you guys that are now going out there just remember to have a great time because you will be thinking back in years to come about the time your having and how great it was.