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Jermoe Ruzicka


Antelope Ramblers, 4 Aces, So Cal


Yamaha DT1S, AJS 250, CZ400, Yamaha 360, Honda 600XR, Honda 500CR

250 and 500 desert

4X in 1972


Auto Dealer (Wholesale) Classic Cars


Too many. 1970 First Race in April a 250 Novice, a Grandprix by the Viewfinders at Bay Mare, and over the year, transferred through the amateur class to Expert right after B to V and finished with an 8X as expert. 33 races with no DNF's on that 69 Yamaha 250 DT1-S

For those that didn't know, I broke my back in the 4 Aces H&H in 1972 riding with my new 4X plate on a 250 AJS. That was a bad day in Fremont Valley. I did come back though and rode with Tom Smith in the Mint 400 1973 for Yamaha. Lots of time passed since. In 1987, I signed up for the Barstow to Vegas race as an Expert 500, but since I hadn't raced for some 15 years, no one really knew me so they made me an amatuer. It was just a fun thing to do with my 600 XR -- 1st 500 Amateur at the finish. Then in 1988, I signed up with my 16 year old son for his first B to V race on his 250 CR. I had now obtained a 500 CR and was to show him how it was done. I seized on a dry lake by Baker, he on his first B to V finished last! With barely any spokes left but remembered his Dad telling him, "It doesn't mean anything except if you finish and get the checkered flag" It was dark when he came across the line as his Mother was patiently waiting for him...