Name Randy Smith
Club 100s MC
Years Raced early 80s
Desert Racing Highlights None other being out at Lucerne and Red Mtn every other weekend having the time of my life with my family at D-37 events.
Bike(s) Raced '81 YZ 465
Class(es) Raced Beginner (Didnt get to race much because my dad died)
Lowest D37 Number Held Nothing worth mentioning in the beginner class.
Current Residence Carson City, NV
Current Hobbies Camping, fishing, hunting...just got me and the boys all new Hondas! yeah!
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate '03 CRF450 - Ride as much as I can...still trying to pick up where I left off 15 years ago. Cant do a whole lot yet, teaching my 11 year old to ride for the first time.
Comments I miss the people and the fun of D-37 racing. Ill be around some time soon!

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