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Richard Parcells




Hodaka 250

250 beginner

191X '78

Lake Los Angeles

desert car races, other motorsports


Same Hodaka 250. Play ride in desert.

2nd in class at my 1st race as competitor. Cuddeback Dry Lake Dual Scrambles, June '77. Hottest day of my life (115 degrees on Andy Anders on's camper @ 12:15AM). Pre-rode course with Wendell Parks, George Erl, Larry Roeseler and his dad. Markers were torn down nite before. After looking for the course in some areas, we learned there was live ordnance around. Larry was 2nd OA after Spider. I passed out from heat exhaustion after collec ting my finisher pin.

Quit racing my bike because I switched to racing my off-road buggy. Won a championship with that in '83 and 2nd in '84.