Name Ron McCamish
Club Checkers MC
Years Raced 1972-1978
Desert Racing Highlights Rode B to V in 1972 got 5th novice overall.  Ran the Check Chase in 72 it seemed like it was of 200 miles and was one of the last point to point.
Bike(s) Raced 1st bike was a 1969 Husky then went onto Suzuki then Yamaha monoshock.
Class(es) Raced 250 and open
Lowest D37 Number Held I think it was in 74 or 75 and I was 34 lightweight
Current Residence Encinitas, CA
Current Hobbies Play pool
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate My son wants to race he is 14 rides a 125 Honda I have a XR600.  We are both thinking of racing he really wants to start and now that I'm 56 I still get that urge.  It was a feeling I still get to this day what racing was like in the dez.
Comments The desert racing family was my whole life for quite a few years something that I hope my son gets to feel.  Not just the racing but the people is what I miss.

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