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Robert Koch

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Lost Coyotes

1968 to present

DT1 250 YAM, MX360 YAM,Hodaka 100 SuperRat,SUZ RM125, RM250, YAM YZ490,YAM TT500, Aeral VH500 "Vintage Dirt Track" YZ250,YZ250WR, Current YZ250

Desert Trail Bike,Lightweight, Heavyweight, Vet 125, Vet Lightweight, Senior Lightweight, Magnum Lightweight

2011 M2x 2013 M2x

Leona Valley

Gardening, Wake Board, Hiking, Scuba


I still race both Vintage Flattrack and Desert.

For those that wine about tough desert events. 1969 Greenhorn Enduro! 2/3 of the riders DNF, 500 Miles over 2 days. No Class difference for age! True Race by engine displacement! I was pitted by my dad using a 1959 Ford Station Wagon. And Finished #8 250 Enduro B. 200 riders in the class. The mechanical problem was at the day 2 pits the points failed. Problem fixed and 30 min late leaving the pits. To that point I was leading.