Name Randy Johnson
Years Raced 1966-1970
Desert Racing Highlights
Bike(s) Raced Hodaka
Class(es) Raced Trailbike
Lowest D37 Number Held 640 ha!
Current Residence Acton, Ca.
Current Hobbies Wrenchin' and Weedin'
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate I've been on bikes continually since I was about 10 except for a couple years in college. I've been riding BMW's since 1981. I recently brought a '91 R100GSPD back to life which has gotten me back to doing some desert riding.
Comments Rediscovering my roots: I know you'll find this interesting: http://www.rapiddog.net/blog.htm My folks and I where the proprieter's of The Ponderosa...so I was there for every single race! See this District 37 thread: http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showthread.php?t=15480&page=5 Raised right down the street form Bud Ekins (Godspeed!) shop in Van Nuys in the early 60's as a kid and hung out in the alley and watch Dutch di his magic. We bought all our bikes from Bud. Went to school with Al Baker Jr. in the valley, and later the likes of Terry Clark, Mark Rader, and the rest of those AVHS kids. Moved to the AV in 1965 to live with my Mom and step-dad at the Ponderosa. The rest is history... ;)
Last Bio Update November 24, 2007

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