Name Ron Dempsey
Club Jackrabbits MC
Years Raced 70-76
Desert Racing Highlights Barstow to Vegas was always a blast and the highlight of the year.  Always fun with the Jackrabbits at the Costa Mesa Speedway and Carlsbad GP, where we did course duty.
Bike(s) Raced Yamaha DT's and Desert CZ's.
Class(es) Raced Only a grunt Novice
Lowest D37 Number Held Don't rub my nose in it further
Current Residence Anaheim and 29 Palms
Current Hobbies Civil War Skirmishing and Hot Rodding.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate Yamaha 465TT and new Polarid Quad. Just putt'in in the Desert.
Comments I have a weekend cabin straight down the road from the Hilltoppers GP in 29. I ran into the Jackrabbits pits and had a nice visit. My son thought it was funny when someone yelled "we got an old Jackrabbit here"!

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