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Russell Collins


Capistrano Valley M/C -- started Desert Rats M/C, HBMC

1972 thru 1983 returned to racing in 1999

1968 DT1 250,1972 MX90,1973 MX250,1974 YZ360,1975 YZ250, 1975 YZ400, 1976,1977 1978 YZ 465&480 Always Yamaha.

Trail bike Novice for 8 months, then went to 250 & Open Novice, then 250 & Open Expert raced both classes for 3 years then stayed in the Open Class

14 open Expert 1976. Currently for 2004 #012 in the Open Expert Senior Class

Riverside Ca

Camping. Watching my kids grow up.My son Race Desert


Race Open Senior Desert Expert on a 2004 KTM525MXC and 1997 CR500. Still racing District 37 Desert,Not as competitive now but having alot of Fun.

Rode novice for 2 years, amatuer for 11mos, then Expert open. Consistently finished in the top 20 overall usally in the top 15. Invited to race the District 37 vs DRA invintational only race, finished in the top 10 overall. To me the entire time I was racing was a highlight. The times I had in the 70's racing district 37 was a blast. And guess what - it still is even as a Senior in 2005.

Now enjoying my 16 year old son racing he is currently #22 250 Novice. His goal, to join me as a Expert. That to me would be Awesome.