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Patrick Moore


Bar Benders West

1970 to 1992

Kawasaki 100, Yamaha DT1 250, Honda 250R, Yamaha 250YZ

100 and 250

I rode for the fun if it.

Park City, Utah

I like skiing and golfing.


I have a 1200 Harley Sportster, Honda XR400 and a 1978 Yamaha TT500 and currently do dual sport rides

I was at the 2006 B to V

I enjoyed sitting around the camp fire with the club member listening to their stories. One that comes to mind is when Bob Bodwin crashed at a check point and his prosthetic leg came off. He was laying on the ground, his prosthetic leg was laying about five feet away from him. He just laying there and everyone at the check is screaming about his leg being ripped off and running around not knowing what to do. He just sits up and tells them to calm down it not a real leg and this happens all of the time. During this the Bar Benders riding with him are laughing their heads off. Bob tells this story much better than I can.