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Paul Davidson


San Gabriel Valley MC, Shamrocks MC, Desert Squirrels MC

1970 thru 1988

Yamahas, AJSs, Suzukis and Hastyvarnas

250 and Open Novice in Dist 37 Desert. 125, 250 and 400 Novice thru Expert depending on which Motocross organiztion. C Enduro rider but John "Tornado" White kept bumping me up in the scoring to a B so I never trophied!

373, Heavyweight Novice, 1978 District 37.
158H, Heavyweight Cross Country, District 36, 198?

Sparks, NV

Pit crewing for Sam Berri in the Best In The Desert and VORRA races. Hunting and exploring Nevada.


Still riding my old Husqvarna 430 XC off road and just sold my VT 100 Shadow street bike. I think I'll get a Quad next.

I remember a Hare Scrambles out near El Mirage Dry Lake in the rain where Danny Hoffer, Jon Miller and I finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall. We had all gone to the race in the same van. I remember winning the Rawhide Park GP overall as a 250 Novice and getting my first sponsorship from Sweet Duck Suzuki in Covina.

I miss riding with my friends, the Timms Family in Randsburg. God bless ya Buddy! I remember racing the CRC Team races with Larry "The Legs" Landis. Hello to all the gang in the SGV MC. Thumper, I met your Son, Ta-Ta. He's as crazy as you are!