Name Mike Whitcomb
Club Lost Coyotes MC
Years Raced 85-92
Desert Racing Highlights Desert racing and the accompaning party were some of the best times I ever had.
Bike(s) Raced 78 Husky 390 CR

88 YZ 490

85 KTM 500 that would'nt die(July 90 issue DB mag)

90 KTM 540

92 KX 500

A few others that escape my memory.

Class(es) Raced Stated in Open Beggar and made it to Expert and then Vet Expert.
Lowest D37 Number Held #23 Op Am. I think it was 1990.
Current Residence West Hills, CA
Current Hobbies Racing is the only hobby I care about.

I am currently racing a Midget in the USAC Western States Midget Series.

Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate I don't own a bike anymore, but I get on one every now and then and scare myself.

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