Name Mike Patrick
Club San Gabriel Valley MC
Years Raced 1959-1974
Desert Racing Highlights Number 1 heavy weight 1968 number 1 light 1969 number 1 light weight 1970 winner of the Mint 400 1969 and 1970 winner of the bike class Mexican 1000 1970 first one of six to be on the trophy team for the United States.
Bike(s) Raced Triumph 650cc norton 750cc yamaha 250cc
Class(es) Raced open ex 250 ex
Lowest D37 Number Held number 1 (ed. note - back when number 1 meant something!)
Current Residence Corona, CA
Current Hobbies Gold mining in Alaska
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate cow trail Yamaha 500TT ya I know its old and so am I
Comments Still love the sport just wish I was 20 again so I could try to kick some butt!

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