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Marlo Orduno


Brush Busters MC / United MC

1967-1975, 2004 to present

Rickman 125 Zundapp, Yamaha 250 - now KTM 250XC

currently in 50+ Mag Lwt 250 class


Coto De Caza, Calif.

Back to desert racing


\ Racing in the desert again. I own a few KTM's and a Harley Fatboy.

I was 20 yrs old and running up in the pack about 10th off the bomb on my Rickman 125 Zundapp. I was feeling really good when I flew over a jump. As I was flying through the air pulling up on my handlebars to clear an obstacle, my right handgrip suddenly came off. My frantic attempts to grap something other than air was futile - and down I went in a spectacular endo

My neighborhood friends from Pico Rivera founded the club, but I was considered the first official "member" of the Brush Busters MC. I've been working 40 years in high voltage for So Cal Edison and Rick McCool's electric bills pay for me to ride