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Mike McGrath


Barstow MC


125's-Suzuki and Yamaha's, 250's-Honda, Husky, KTM, Open-KTM

125cc class 1974-1986, 250cc 1987-2004 Made intermediate in 1976

S12x Enduro 2004, 24c 1976

Menifee, California

Quads, Camping and fishing


Love to Dual Sport ride when time permits, maybe hit 1 race a year to add to finisher pin collection and just trail riding with my buds.

Enjoyed every race I was ever in, (except when I broke!) especially the Prospectors 1976 Hare and Hound, went from 9th 125 Novice at 1st check to winning by a large margin after 120 miles. Finished 2nd overall novice on a 125, I still dream about that one!

Sometimes after reading cyclenews stories on the D-37 races, I get the itch to race... but it always goes away. I also wish that I was still faster than my brother! (Jim)