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Mark Harris

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4 Aces, Rovers

1972 - 1977

Bultaco 100,Suzuki 125,Husqvarna 250

Trailbike nervous 125 nov 250 nov,am, ex.Class 21 in Score

1977 50x

Hendersonville North Carolina



Actually I can only ride ATVs my last one was a 2004 Polaris Preditor

I loved this sport more than life itself,one of my favorite memories was the 1974 SoCal H H and I got my first 1st over all novice and the trophy was great,the next year I got 1st 250 amature and I was leading the next one finally as an expert and broke on a downhill where I perched my bike in a place where everyone had to run it over on there way down,unfortunatly a lot of guys got off and were very mad at me and they left me out there until late that night. Sorry guys but anyone who knew me knows I was a knucklehead.I have to many memories to say here.