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Max Eddy


Barstow MC, Sandsailers, Viewfinders

72-82, 02-to present

started on honcho 90, at125, mx175, penton 175 jackpiner, ktm 400, yz400, yz250, husky250, husky390, maico aw400, maico aw250, crf450.

125 expert, 250 expert, open expert

#2 open in 1979

Barstow, CA.

mountain biking and hiking the desert.


I curently ride a Honda crf450 ,trail ride and a select few d-37 races (if it rains).

Several overall wins in 77,78,79 was a real rush to lead a desert race ,spent all my college money to race desert and earn a phd in desert racing. diceing with bob ballantine wide open across the mojave desert. Sat nights before race were cool. but most of all was all the neat areas we use to race in, anywhere and everywhere it seemed.

I have twin boys and one girl. The boys are racing d-37 desert races. Max jr. is currently the points leader in the 0-200 class, Matt is #9x and currently #3 in 250 class 04 standings. We went back to racing desert after racing mx for a number of years, decided it was to much waiting in between motos...

See ya all in the DEZ, MAX EDDY