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Mike Burke


Checkers MC


Mostly Triumph 650cc. Was briefly sponsored on Harley-Davidson for Baha 1000 teaming wth Dave Ekins - Finished 5th place Open Class.

Raced Open Navice - 1964, Open Expert- 1965-1974

Held #09 around 1970

Juniper Hills, CA

Nostalgia Drag Racing - Own '64 Ford Galaxie Highly Modified Drag Race car. Also building Street Rods.


XR 600 Honda Dual Sport (No Hoops)

Owned "Mike Burke Motorcycle Specialties". Built and repaired many winning motorcycls in Dist. 37 and AMA track events. Won Class 8 truck race in '76 Baha 1000. Rode all of the early Mexican 500-1000 races . Also Stardust 711 and many Mint 400's.

I will never forget the Checkers and lots of Checker Memories.