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Kelly Wiseman-Phelan


Fantasy Racing Team, Sled Riders MC, Viewfinders MC

1974-1978, 1982-83, 2005-?

Yamaha 100, Honda Elsinore 125, RM125, RM250, CRF250

Trail novice, Women's

Dist. 37 ~ 1977 earned 7a in the Women's Division

Oak HIlls, CA

Is there anything else??


Came back to Dist. 37 after a 20+ year absence. Riding/racing women's amateur class on my Honda CRF250

1978 ~ Winning the women's amateur class at the GREAT BEAR GRAND PRIX; Escape Country ~ Getting the hole shot and leading the race ahead of Trudy Beck (for a lap), hanging out with friends in the dez (Paul Krause, Dan Theel, Joel Zoller, Lisa Christensen, Cheri and Lori Theel, the Eliases and many others!)

It's great to be back ~ wish I never left!