Name Ken Carpenter
Club Prairie Dogs M/C-President 1986 and 1987
Years Raced 1984-1987
Desert Racing Highlights Barstow to Vegas was bitchen. Let's get it back.
Bike(s) Raced Husqvarna
Class(es) Raced 250 Novice then Vet 250 Novice and Amateur. Broke shoulder blade just before making Expert. That ended it. Can't work w/broken bones.
Lowest D37 Number Held V35x in 1987
Current Residence Culver City, CA
Current Hobbies Hunting, fishing, camping with wife and kids.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate Restoring a 78 Husky. Done some dual sporting. Still play riding in the dez and mountains. Lived in Big Bear for awhile. Road there a lot. Step son will enter first race 1/03-Jackrabbits.
Comments Neat site. My neighbor is Jim Brown (Invaders M/C, 1969, early 70s era-Bultaco). I'll see if I can get him to submit his info. He's into hiking and rock climbing. Verlin VanZee (Checkers M/C, #2 HW late 70s?, possibly early 80s)is in Idaho.

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