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Joe Tabush


Checkpoint MC and HBMC

1982 until ?

KDX 175, TT600, M-Star 500 GME, IT 200, WR250, and KDX 200's

Lwt-1, Lwt-2, Open, Vet 250

Enduro- 3c in 1995, V9x in 1992 (five single numbers in the 90's)
Desert- V11x 1992 and 1993 (never broke the top ten)

Apple Valley, CA

Not hobbies- my life: My family, Church, Tennis, Computers, and My friends


Still in the dez a couple of times a year, trails around Bishop (I work in the area) Silverwood loop, etc...

Cal Poly Enduro in 1985 OA "C". Finishing B2V! Dicing with my Desert buds. Helping other riders in need (Andy when he was hurt at VCMC and MC when her bike broke). Most of all I remember the number of friends (some I still have contact with and some I don't) I met at the races. I thank God for the people he sent my way over my time in the desert.

God is good! My He draw you and keep you in the safety of His hand now and forever. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!