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Jeff Gifford


Chain Breakers, Rovers M.C.

1976 to 1981, 2004 - present

1972 Penton 125cc, 1977 Yamaha 125cc YZD, 1979 Yamaha 125cc YZF

"C Bike" (0 - 200 Novice), Senior Open Novice

39c 1980, 037 in 2006

Huntington Beach, California

Family, Work, School, The Beach, The Gym, German Shepard Dogs (1997 Shutzhund Champion Muinch, Germany)


2002 Yamaha YZ 426F, I Started Riding Agian In January Of 04 Along With My 4 Year Old Dario, I Had My Frist D-37 Race After A 23 Year Break In September Of 04 (Lost Coyotes Euro Scrambles, 2nd Place, Senior Beg.) I Ride Conservatively And I'm Having A Blast!

I'm Just Glad To Have Paricipated During That Epic Time Frame.
(1st 125cc Beg. California City G.P., 1st 125cc Beg. Riverside G.P.)

I've Done A Ton Of Other Hobbies In My Life And There Is Nothing Like Riding A Motorcyle Off-Road! What A Sport!!!