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Jack Fullwood


Rams MC

Early '55 through '65

AJS 500, Matchless Typhoon and 350cc, Triumph TR-5, Velocette 500, 200cc DOT and James, 175cc DKW, 250 and 350 Jawa, 250 Greeves

Open class, 350 Class, 250 Class, 200 Class, and the 175 Class.

I changed classes frequently and never held a low number. Actually I now haven't a clue what my lowest number was....I am 81+ and it was so long ago that my memory is suspect at best. When I changed classes and had no assigned number I often raced #9 as it was my lucky number.

Shelton, Washington

I am an advanced Apalachian style clog dancer and clog with the Tangle Foot Cloggers of Olympia, Washington


The answer is no, BUT I would like to have a trail type motorcycle such as a Spanish Pampera 270/300, and if I could afford one rest assured I would have one. Even an old Greeves would reignite the fire!

It was early in 1955 when Jack Baldwin received the new '55 Matchless and AJS 500's. I traded in my custom Triumph T-Bird for an AJS 500 and started racing with the Dirt Diggers. In the summer of '55 we bought a house in the San Fernando Valley and I began racing with the Rams. I was hurt pretty badly early on at the Gravel Pit in the Palasades. All together I owned and raced many motorcycles in the Open, 350, and lightweight classes and prefered the desert to scrambles and motocross. I was the Sales Manager for Bud Ekins prior to joining the Parkhursts in the birth of Cycle World Magazine and it was at that time I phased out much of my racing. I never placed better than second in any event, but only a broken leg prevented my finishing every race I rode except two where the motorcycles broke. I enjoyed them all, the Greenhorn, Big Bear, Catalina G.P., and almost every hare and hound run during my time.

Enough said!