Name Jack Binning
Club Rams, Lost Angels MC
Years Raced 1946-1971
Desert Racing Highlights First person to race a bultaco 200cc and 250cc in district 37 desert races. Won a enduro overall on a 50cc trial bike. Was 2x in district 37 desert and 12x in district 37 scrambles the same year I think it was 1962 or 1963. won hopetown 50cc class one year. Have a lot of good old friends in the rams.
Bike(s) Raced bultacos,greeves,dkw, and others
Class(es) Raced trail bike,50cc,200cc,250cc,& open
Lowest D37 Number Held
Current Residence Hesperia, CA
Current Hobbies vacations, cruises, fixing stuff, dancing,riding waterskiing.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate 2000 honda 80cc mx
Comments old rams or dictrict 37 guys call if you want would love to talk. (760)246-6793 "not please fix spelling"

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