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Harley Pace


Desert Knights MC

1958 - 1960 & 1971 - 1976

Triumph - CZ - Penton - Bultaco - Yamaha

125 & 250 Novice Motocross - 125, 250, & Open Amateur Desert

36 - Motocross - 1972

Yucca Valley, CA

Bowling - computers


Honda CRF250X - Cow Trailing & just havin fun

I started racing in the desert when I was in high school and enjoyed that until I blew my knee out in the 1959 Big Bear Hare & Hound. After eleven years of trying other things I went back to Motocross and desert racing again. I spent most of the best years of my life racing a bike and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Most all of my current day friends are still people I raced with over all those years. I am way too old to do any more racing but I still go out with my old buddies and ride every chance I get.

I was never very good at bike racing but it's what I always wanted to do... and I did it !! Hey, if I donated a few body parts along the way I have to think it was worth it and I would do it all over again if I could.