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Kevin Hopkins



73 MX 100, 76 YZ100, 78 YZ100/YZ125, 80 IT175 82 CR125, 83 CR125, 84 XR500, 85 XR250

1975-1978 100CC "T" Class 1979-1983 125CC "C" Class 1984 500CC OPEN 1985 4 Stroke Enduro

1979 #1 "T" 1981 #1 "C" 1985 #2 4 Stroke

Saugus, Ca

Mountain Biking / Ice Hockey / Camping & Fishing


1977 or 1978 Shamrocks H&H Timed Event @ Cal City. They stared 4 bikes at intervals and I was lined up with Bruce Ogilvie. He was on his 250 HD and I was on my YZ100, I got the holeshot but the Big O reeled me in about 200 yards out. I hung on to him as long as I could and ended up 3rd overall. Bob Balentine won with Bruce 2nd. These guys were my idols, I learned so much that day.

I'll get back into it some day.