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Greg Seda


Crestline M. C. , San Bernardino Valley M. C. , Red Barons M. C.

1970 thru 1973

Yamaha 250 & CZ 250


1970 = 553x Nov.       1971 = 83x Am.       1972 = 230x Am.       1973 = 78x Ex.       1974 = ?x Ex.
I was running #13x when I had to quit racing July 1, 1973. Somewhere between 20x & 50x?
If you can help me find a list of earned #'s for 1974, please call 626-445-7156

Arcadia, Ca.

Gun collecting $ re-loading, Poetry.


1991 Harley Softail Springer for the street, and a 1987 Honda 600XL Dual-Sport to play in the dirt. I made the mistake of going out to this years Adlanto Grand Prix. Now I have #M132. I stripped all the lights off the '87 Honda 600 and am having fun wrestling the thing across the desert.

In 1973 was invited to be a member of the Jawa/CZ Team with Jim Fishback #1x & Jack Knebel #7. Also selected as 3rd. rider for the 1973 Mint 400.

Being associated with the Desert Racing Scene was the most memorable and pleasurable years of my life. It must be in my blood, I'm glad to be back at it again.