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Geoff Niles




Sachs/DKW, Husqvarna

100, 125, 250, open

23x (#7 250)-1980?

Glide, Oregon

mycology, camping,music


KTM 250 exc-trail/woods riding; Harley Davidson Springer soft-tail/street/touring; 1951 Triumph 250cc 2-stroke; 1965 Sachs 50cc cafe-racer.

I raced many dist. 37 races from the late 60's until around 1990, mostly on Sachs 100's and then 125's, and later, Husqvarna's, as well as many long distance races, including B-to-V numerous times, the Greenhorn 500 enduro, the Check Chase, Tecate 500, etc. I think my most special racing memories are: 1) Finishing an early Greenhorn Enduro on my 1969 Sachs 100cc enduro- a 2-day race, and 2) Getting the gold medal in the 1980 Calif. dist 37 2-day ISDE qualifier on a Husky 250, only to be humiliated by the same riders in the next round up in Oregon. Think mud and slippery tree roots at 45% angles!