Name Glenn Lyles
Club 100s MC
Years Raced 83-93, 98-99
Desert Racing Highlights Racing with all the great people in the 100's during the 80's. No doubt the one of the most memorable periods in my life. I'll never forget all the great people I spent time with.
Bike(s) Raced 81 YZ465, 83CR480,86YZ490,88CR500,91WR250,93XR600, 96XR400
Class(es) Raced Started as Vet Beginner, made expert in 20 months.  Raced Vet and senior classes.
Lowest D37 Number Held V7, in 85 or 86
Current Residence Apple Valley, CA
Current Hobbies Surfing, traveling
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate Still ride alot. Do dualsport rides with my buddies from the 100's all over the eastern Sierras, Inyo Mountains, Owens Valley, and Central Nevada.
Comments Thanks to: Bill Healey for schooling me in desert racing and race course layout, Gerri T., God rest her soul,always there to take care of her "boys ", and to all my racing and party Bros. from the 80's., you know who you are and you're never forgotten.

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